Just like when you travel to a new country, you need to know the inside info about our Republic to get the most out of your trip. That way, you get to see as much as you can and can really get involved.


1. Be early, not late, mate!

This advice is for all aspects of our festival. Arrive early for a good spot at a stage. If it’s a theatre show, book your seats early and then arrive early for the show so you get the best seats. Come at the start of the Festival so you can come again to your favourite acts. Arrive early for best parking. No matter what, the earlier you do things, the easier it is going to be for you.


2. Our King is called “Cash.”

New Zealand might be a plastic card society, however, in our Republic cash will always reign supreme. Our performers always hat at the end. This is your chance to show your appreciation for what you have just watched or been a part of. Start saving those $50 and $100 notes. Cash is also the quickest option at our bars and food vendors so pop by an ATM on the way.


3. Four seasons in one day, aye!

We’ve had it all! Blistering sun, gusty nor’westers, torrential rain, and even hail. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and always wear a hat. If you are coming to a late afternoon or evening show, bring something warm, as it can get cold at night. Bring a low chair or blanket to sit on too. If we have to cancel shows we will inform via social media.


4. In the know before you go!

Every show is different and every venue is different. There are restrictions in place for a few shows this year so make sure you bring ID. We can turn you away if you are intoxicated, underage or act inappropriately. There are no refunds if we do this so please look after each other.


5. Having fun is mandatory!

Bring your voice and show how much you love the festival. Christchurch audiences during our Festival now have a reputation. Performers around the globe talk about how wonderful you all are. Let’s show those artists a good time, smile, laugh, cheer and be appreciative.